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The Consciously Group brings secular, science-based mindfulness to organizations looking to increase workplace motivation and offer new wellness resources to employees.

We help you integrate mindfulness deep into your workplace culture so the benefits can be realized across the organization. We are committed to providing the best selection of individual and group coaching, training sessions, and workshops to help you reach your organizational wellness goals.

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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness at it’s core is a moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience, thoughts, feelings, and environment, without judgment or overreaction.

Mindfulness encompasses a wide variety of practices such as meditation, mindful communication, breathwork, mindful writing, and more. Mindfulness allows us to pause, observe, and consciously choose our thoughts and actions, curating a mental environment for ourselves where we can be happy, productive, and at peace.


Benefits for Organizations

• Improves adaptability and mental agility
• Increases productivity, concentration, and employee engagement
• Lowers rate of absenteeism and sick days
• Reduces unwanted turnover
• Increases trust in leadership
• Powerful tool for recruiting top talent
• Improves creativity, innovation, and adaptibility
• Enhances teamwork, relationships with colleagues, and communication


Benefits for Employees

• Reduces stress
• Prevents burnout and anxiety
• Improves positive thinking and personal resilience
• Enhances communication skills
• Helps manage pain and improves sleep
• Contributes to higher levels of well-being and overall work/life satisfaction
• Increases interpersonal sensitivity and self-awareness
• Boosts creativity and motivation

Our approach

01 - Science-based

Our mindfulness coaching is backed by science

02 - Secular

We deliver secular training that is welcomed by and appropriate for all employees

03 - Experiential

We integrate hands-on practices in all of our sessions, workshops, and coaching

04 - Curated

All trainings are curated specifically for your team's needs

Our Team

Matiya Szauer

Founder, Mindfulness Facilitator

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Terry Gayle

Learning Experience & Development Consultant

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It's time.

It has never been more important to provide your employees with the resources to be happier, healthier, and more productive.

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